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Why TruDeed

With TruDeed, all of the heavy lifting is done for you. Using advanced & intelligent technology, we help you to identify the best deals within seconds. On our platform, powerful analytics are performed with a simple click. We do all the research and crunch all the numbers so you can focus on closing more transactions.

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Multiple Exit Strategy Analysis

TruDeed allows you to focus only on the best deals by providing analysis on the profitability and detailed financials for each property.

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Smart Analytics Dashboards

Our Smart Screener, using A.I technology, analyzes listings in seconds saving agents hours of manual searching. 

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Suggested Offer Analysis

Agents can customize parameters to structure the deal according to the client’s KPIs. This leads to a suggested offer price to match your client’s ROI objective. The key advantage to our platform is that it allows you to perform multiple “what if” scenarios and compare them by simply editing the assumptions, a task that usually takes hours to perform.

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FIXIMIZE Maximize Your Home's Value

Do you want to maximize the value of your house? Fiximize it! We help homeowners to flip their own homes and maximize their return on investment.


TruDeed helped me widen my skillset and become a truly professional investor agent


TruDeed showed me the Cap rate for a client’s property was excellent. Instead of selling, I suggested her to take out a HELOC, and purchase a small house/condo in Phoenix (where she was moving to). She could then rent out her house here and have the tenants pay off the HELOC. She agreed, and I referred her to a property management company and a buyer agent in Phoenix.

Realtor at EXP Realty

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