Our Team





Thomas has a long history of successful venture capital startups. Originally hailing from Hong Kong, Seattle is like a second home to him. He has a long-standing passion for real estate in the area, including investments of his own all the way to his vision for founding this company.


general manager

Waiman is a full time real estate Realtor and Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst. She has a strong background in investment over the last 8 years and many of her skills involve negotiations and marketing experience. Waiman had bought and sold over 200 houses including her own flips. She is trilingual.



Heidi graduated from the The University of Hong Kong with a dual major and trilingual, worked at a Swiss multinational corporation as a luxury fashion buyer. She traveled extensively before settling in Seattle with her family. She obtained her real estate broker license and joined TruDeed to develop their extensive product portfolio and customer centered marketing.

Development Team


Our developers have built this interface by hand with the mission to impact the community around us in a positive way. They work around the clock to constantly improve the platform and add valuable tools.

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